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The Samoyed Breed

The Samoyed breed is a beautiful and eye-catching breed that originally comes from Siberia. They were bred with the intent to pull sleds, hunt and a variety of other tasks. I have fell in love with the breed. They are unconditionally loving, faithful and caring pets. They are active however this breed can also be housed indoors. They have long, beautiful white-coats and in the males, these coats are longer. They do enjoy attention and get along very well with other dogs and animals. These animals are hypoallergenic and simple to care for. My Samoyeds come with champion bloodlines both from Ukraine and the United States.

All of our breeders are OFA certified. That includes: eyes, hips and elbows. We have genetic testing to ensure perfect health and compatibility for breeding. When you purchase from us, you are getting purebred and top-health puppies.

I began the breeding business more than 30 years ago. I started with cats originally and began further into luxury persians. I now own both a professional cattery of cats and dogs. My Samoyeds are like my children. I have 7 beautiful and successful children and live in the lovely state of Texas. My desire to breed animals and give them the best lives possible start with me and end with my customers. I feed my Samoyeds only the best diet and supplement additional vitamins in their food and water. They roam around my 35+ acres here in Texas for exercise and socialize with my children. When you receive a Samoyed from me, you receive the most cared for and loving one you can get. 

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